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Maintaining for longevity

Your high quality products deserve to always look their best! To get the longest life out of your windows, doors, and balustrades, regular care and maintenance is crucial. We work with our clients to ensure they are equipt with the knowledge and tools to take the best care of their new products after installation.

Below is a summary of our top care and maintenance tips for glass, timber windows & doors, powder coated & anodised aluminium, as well as an installation guide.  

If you are ever unsure about the care of your GP Glass products, just give us a call and we will endeavour to answer your questions! We want to make sure our products have the longest life possible for our clients.

Maintenance of Glass

Cleaning Glass

•  Clean glass and frames frequently during construction. Construction dust, leachate from concrete and rusting from steel can contribute to the formation of mild chemicals which may stain or otherwise damage the glass.

• Only use cleaning material free of grit and grime to avoid scratching and marking glass surfaces.

• Only use detergents and cleaning solutions which are recommended glass cleaners. Mild detergents are preferable.

• Extra care is necessary where high performance reflective glass is installed. The coated surface can be susceptible to stains and scratches and therefore requires vigilance during the full construction and regular cleaning process.

• Extra care is also necessary where toughened glass is installed. The non-printed side of this glass can be susceptible to stains and scratches and therefore requires vigilance during the full construction and regular cleaning process. Trend recommends that the printed face of the toughened glass is installed to the exterior of the building.

• Temporary screens may need to be installed if welding, sandblasting, floor sanding, cutting or other potentially damaging construction practices are used near glass. Glass installations which are adjacent to concrete eg concrete slab floors require extra care and cleaning due to the abrasive nature of concrete dust.

What not to do

• Do not store or place other material in contact with glass. This can damage the glass or create a heat trap leading to thermal breakage.

• Never use abrasive cleaners on glass. Scouring pads or other harsh materials must not be used to clean windows or other glass products. Powder based cleaners are to be avoided.

• Avoid causing extreme temperature changes as this may lead to thermal fracture of the glass, for example do not splash hot water on cold glass or freezing water on hot glass.

• Some tapes or adhesives can stain or damage glass surfaces. Avoid using such materials unless they are known to be easily removed.

If damage occurs

• If glass is damaged or broken onsite, ensure that experienced glaziers are engaged to rectify the situation.

• Glass can be a safety hazard if not handled properly.

Installation Guide
  • Windows are fitted from inside of the building.
  • The aluminium windows need to be a neat fit into the brickwork.
  • Correct fitment of flashings is important to ensure no water intrusion.
  • Using a level, pack the window sill level & also pack the jambs. Check diagonals to ensure window square and check that their is no twist in the frame.
  • Nail through the vertical reveals into the studs and pack for positive fixing Ensuring reveals are not twisted in the process.
  • Reveals to fit flush with internal linings
  • Install internal architraves. “TIP” – It is a good idea to seal behind the architrave to prevent drafts.
Maintenance of Powder Coated & Anodised Aluminium

Product Cleaning Frequency Guidelines

All powder coated surfaces should be cleaned using a soft cloth or sponge with a solution of warm water. Cleaning intervals depend on the following environments:

  • Rural & Tropical: Mild – at least every 9 months
  • Metropolitan: Moderate – at least every 6 months
  • Coastal: Severe – at least every 3 months
  • Within 5km of the Coast or Highly Polluted Industrial Area: Very severe – at least every month
  • Cleaning Powder Coated Aluminum
  • Regular cleaning will help minimise the effects of weathering on your aluminium powder coated windows and doors.
  • Remove cement mortar dropping from windows immediately, taking care to avoid scratching glass and frames, as permanent damage can result. Trend Windows and Doors will not be liable for any damage that may occur if the timber or aluminium painted surfaces comes into contact with acid when cleaning brickwork.
  • Cleaning Aluminium Sliding Window and Door Tracks
  • To ensure better performance for your window and door tracks, it is recommended that you vacuum tracks on a regular basis
  • We recommend that you wipe tracks yearly with a light machine oil, for example, sewing machine oil.  The machine oil will collect excess dirt and dust and make the sliding action much smoother.


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